Conor McGregor Offered $3 Million to fight in Poland

He might be hot news in European media for his decision to snub the promotion tactics of the UFC, however, that hasn’t stopped the Mixed Martial Arts Organization of Poland to offering Conor McGregor the chance to make some serious dough in the coming weeks.

McGregor was erased from the UFC 200 card following his tweet in which he criticised senior figures in UFC for their money making tactics.

Since then, numerous UFC Officials – including its President Dana White, have accused McGregor of being unprofessional.

However, as far as the KSW is concerned, they couldn’t care less with the current situation between the UFC and McGregor – as suggested by their recent offer to the Notorious.

The KSW has offered the Irish fighter a monumental amount of $3 million to fight Artur Sowinski from Poland.

Although he is relatively unknown to the UFC fighting public, Artur is a well-known proposition for McGregor.

The Irishman has fought Artur previously in his career, a tie that was ended after McGregor knocked out Artur in the second round

This isn’t the first time that the Polish Martial Arts Association has tried to lure McGregor. Their first offer came towards the way of McGregor earlier this month when KSW offered McGregor a net sum of $2 million.

However, according to reports, McGregor was given the chance to fight Rasul Mirzaev in the previous offer.

Being a 30-year-old fighter from Russia, Mirzaev is known for his knockout abilities in the KSW – in fact He is still undefeated in the KSW, with a record of 15/0.

Looking at the ramifications of this offer for Conor McGregor – it’s surely a double-edged sword for the Irishman.

While he would be tempted to make the move given the scale of the money that is involved, McGregor might hesitate as a defeat – while it sounds unlikely, will give his reputation a serious dent.

There is also that fact that accepting the fight would be seen as turning his back on the UFC and he may be unable to earn another contract in the future.

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