Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar doing Media Promotion tour ahead of UFC 200 Rematch

At a time when the promotion tactics of UFC have been heavily criticised by the likes of Conor McGregor, the Championship is showing no signs of slowing down as is evident by the marketing strategy they are using to promote the rematch of Jose Aldo v. Frankie Edgar.

According to an estimate, Dana White has sanctioned $10-Million in marketing for this fixture.

Both Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar made radio appearances in New York earlier today.

While the UFC would have originally hoped for Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor to make the headlines, the criticism that has been leveled at the UFC by the latter has disrupted the promotion strategy of UFC 200.

At the start of April, McGregor tweeted that he is going to make an important announcement regarding his future in the next few days.

Naturally, social media was filled with rumours that the Irish fighter may have decided to retire after his fight with Nate Diaz at the UFC 200.

However, after initially announing his retirement, McGregor moved to quash further rumours stating that he has become deluded with the promotion tactics of the UFC.

According to the Irishman, the promotion strategy that has been implemented by UFC has left him “staring defeat in the face”.

UFC responded in stark fashion as they announced that McGregor has been pulled off the card of the upcoming UFC 200 event.

In order to compensate for his loss, Dana White announced that the UFC will give Nate Diaz a list of opponents to choose for his fight.

However, as expected, Diaz announced that he is going on a vacation in the summer which all but confirmed his absence from the UFC 200 event, meaning the odds for UFC 200 will be focussed on other fighters.

So with Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar now set as their main billing, UFC have now turned their attention towards the duo in an effort to spearhead their marketing campaign.

Starting with their appearances on the morning shows of New York on Sunday, both Aldo and Edgar are front and centre of UFC 200.

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