Jose Aldo Movie set for Pre-UFC 200 Release

Titled “Stronger than the World”, a biopic revolving around the life of Jose Aldo will be released on June 16 this year.

This movie was set to be released at the end of last year, however, after Aldo lost to Conor McGregor at UFC 194, the film was put on the back burner.

On that day, and who could forget it, it took just 13-seconds for the Irish fighter to knock out Jose Aldo in a highly anticipated fixture.

While UFC fans were hoping to see a nail-biting finish between two of the brand’s most in form fighters, McGregor didn’t give Aldo any chance with his early assault.

Looking at the cast of this movie, Brazilian actor Jose Loreto will play the lead role of 29-year-old MMA fighter.

Though relatively unknown to the Hollywood watching public, Loreto is a star back home in Brazil.

Brazilian diva Cleo Pires is playing the role of Jose Aldo’s wife, Vivianne.

Vivianne is an influential figure in the life of Aldo and many around Aldo claim that it is the positive influence of Vivianne on the life of her husband has heavily impacted the success of Aldo’s career.

The film will be produced by Afonso Poyart, however it is also believed that the UFC has played a huge role in this production of the film.

By allowing the cast to use the name of UFC in their promotion of the film, UFC is undoubtedly playing a big role in its revenue generation tactics.

The film will be released just weeks before Aldo indulges in a rematch with Franki Edgar in a match that will contest the interim featherweight title.

While Aldo is going into this fight as a favourite, the producers of the film are taking no chances to let the outcome of this fight decide the future of their film.

Watch the trailer here:

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