Lucrative Conor McGregor next fight in the offing

It appears like Conor McGregor is on the right track of securing a juicy and hefty paycheck. Conor McGregor is on course to clinch the finest fighter tag in the UFC featherweight division ever, and at the same time securing a huge fight and mammoth paycheck.

When he collided with a formidable foe in Jose Aldo, he summoned his fierce fighting form to eke out a lightning-fast knockout victory putting to waste many people’s free bets on the event within mere seconds. McGregor took lesser time in knocking out his adversary than the time Bruce Buffer consumed to introduce him in the Octagon.

McGregor earlier outclassed the fearsome Eddie Alvarez and became an immovable force in the lightweight category. Grizzled warriors like Kevin Lee, Tony Ferguson, Kevin Lee, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje are waiting in the sideline to get a crack at McGregor and hoping to extract an upset win.

But there is a chink in McGregor’s armour in becoming the planet’s greatest fighter of all-time, and that is, longevity. In order to buck this, McGregor must not leave any stone unturned by virtue of searching for the best fighter in the long line and pull through to become Octagon’s finest fighter ever.

It appears like Lady Luck is smiling on McGregor as he is gearing up for a possible explosive title fight that is slated in November.

As of late, it seems like Nate Diaz has the edge in setting up a match with McGregor. A third fight. The trilogy. The fight people want to see.

Georges St-Pierre is not to be outdone however as he is tipped to pull the rug from under McGregor too. St-Pierre is revving up to go out of retirement to face Michael Bisping in a highly awaited fight where the much-coveted middleweight title is at stake in the UFC 217.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier, St-Pierre’s training partner at Montreal’s Tristar gym, stated that there is a good chance that St-Pierre may seek a match-up with McGregor if he makes his grand comeback in the Octagon.

Aubin-Mercier said, “I think what will be probable is that he will call out Conor after. That’s what I would do. I think for the UFC, it’s a really smart fight to do.” He added, β€œIt’s a win-win for them. Well, win-win, kind of, for short term. If Georges wins then he’s the biggest MMA fighter of all time. If Conor wins, he is too. If GSP wins, I don’t think he’s going to hold this against Conor.”

The two warriors have a lot to gain in the fight. McGregor is aching to score a win to cement an epic status in MMA while St-Pierre is seeking to steal the limelight again and boost his stock. This fight will certainly draw huge number of fans and McGregor will be the favourite to win on this fight.

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